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Problem in displaying Textfields in Connection with large BitmapData-Objects

During a Project which had to handle large amounts of BitmapData-Objects i had problems in displaying dynamically created TextFields in the DisplayList. TextFields were not visible on stage, even though the properties were all correct.

Surpisingly i could add other Bitmap-Objects, which are displayed correct, so i used this workaround:

// note: Application.getInstance().getTextFieldTextBounds( textField ) returns the correct amount of space taken from the textField according to http://blog.derraab.com/2010/05/16/aligning-flash-textfield-instances-visually-correct/
// create new BitmapData Object using the TextFields bounds and use alpha values
var bm : BitmapData = new BitmapData( Application.getInstance().getTextFieldTextBounds( tf ).width + 20, Application.getInstance().getTextFieldTextBounds( tf ).height + 20, true, 0x00000000 );
// take a SnapShot of the TextField
bm.draw( tf );
// create new Bitmap Object
var bitmap : Bitmap = new Bitmap( bm );
bitmap.x = tf.x;
bitmap.y = tf.y;
// deleting the reference TextField
tf = null;
// adding new Bitmap to a Sprite
s.addChild( bitmap );
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