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How i became more efficient …

or…. how to get back to efficiency.

One of the major issues for me as a developer is how to use my time. Decisions need to be made, what has to be done ( by me ) till when and what needs to be worked on next.

Since i am a very lucky in the fact, that i have lots of jobs, i tended to fuddle up everything and not get anything done stress free.

So what now? I won’t be the one, that will invent a time stretching mechanism in physics, astrology or whatever.

I read an article that came per tweet ( can’t find it of course by now ) that inspired me, coming back to more efficiency.

First, a couple weeks ago a friend reminded me, that i could set my phone to not push e-mails anytime to my phone. Which means, whenever i want or need to receive E-Mails, i simply open the mail-app manually. Whoa what a relief – the phone does not „pling“ all the time which distracts me or wants my attention.

Which leads me to the second point. Event though my phone doesn’t pling that much anymore, i wondered, what distracts my attention to code while programming. The pling… it is still there, cause my mail program of course is checking my mails all the time. Every 10-20 minutes or in even smaller periods the pling comes up. I sat back and read the mails, that needed so much urgent attention:

  • Cheap Flights to London for 29 € ( Oh yeah lets go )
  • Get a Picture framed for 40% off ( right, haven’t done that for a while )
  • Tibet needs help – Donate here ( just phish my account! )
  • etc.
  • etc.

I figured, its not SPAM! I really signed up for those newsletters and surely marked them as read, whenever they came in. So for a couple of weeks i unsubscribed all newsletters which i really do not need to receive, since i look up stuff manually that interests me. Many services are unsubscribed by now and daily E-Mail rate dropped 80%. Still working on more!

Third– Email is no real-time communication, even though we tend to force ourselves to believe that. I do, for example, have a time, where i am very productive in coding, another time for writing Mails, another for doing office stuff. There not the same each day, but when i feel, i am getting ready to code, i close my mail program for at least an hour. no more pling…

Oh, don’t want to forget the other attractors, even though nobody does it while working! Twitter, Skype, Facebook, g+, Online-News, community etc, etc.
Since Skype is the only thing, that connects me to other developers and friends i tend not to switch it off, Facebook kind of killed that totally crazy chatting anyhow. Whenever i really want silence – i am „busy“.
Twitter, Facebook, News and all the other information spreaders i watch first in the morning, before i even start thinking of work, after lunch and sometimes before i leave.
Compact distraction!
This week i did work on 7 different jobs and different clients, usually it would mean, i don’t get home till midnight and i feel worn out, but i didn’t.
It wasn’t a 9-5 week of course but i sure did have the time to come down, think about, what i do and i even found time to write down those lines….

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