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beyondtellerrand #btplay 2012 summary

Also this time, i want to write a very little summary of btplay in cologne, since i just got back from vacation, a lot is already out of mind.

Luca Sale
– keywords: phonegap, ripple, cloud9

Nico Zimmermann
– keywords: schau, passion project time ( save a month a year to just to passion projects )

Tim Ahrens
– keywords: fontfonter ( try fonts on any website )

Grant Skinner
– keywords: technitone, createjs

Thanks also to the great talks:

– Marcin Wichary
– Seb Lee
– Frank Reitberger
– Joshua Davis ( still cracking somethimes  and thank you for this: „the work you make is the type of work you’ll get hired to do“ )
– Sebastian Golash

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