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Find all Files with specific name in folders and subfolders and delete in Terminal MacOSX

Just to have a short note, since it can save an evening or two.
If wanting to delete all files e.g. with .mp4 just use MacOSX Terminal and type

find . -name *.mp4 -type f -exec rm -r {} \;

make sure to be in correct directory and maybe you want to doublecheck the results first

find . -name *.mp4 -type f

  1. Paul says: 9. Mai 201400:22

    Danke für das Snippet!

    So trifft man sich wieder 🙂

    • admin says: 9. Mai 201407:44

      Na gerne doch. Gern erkläre ich Dir diese Sachen im Detail im Fhain!

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