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What the heck is Clean Listener.jsx

For months i have been struggling with a file on my desktop, which seems to come back all the time :“Clean Listener.jsx“.

Found out, that it is a file, that Photoshop creates when closing the application. Since I do not need a file like this on my System, i want to disable this

Just goto:

File->Scripts->Script Events Manager and disable the checkbox.

That’s it. Another couple seconds per day saved 🙂



  1. Elyse says: 22. März 201502:08


  2. Riyadh Gordon says: 31. August 201507:54

    You have no idea how grateful I am, Thank you so much

  3. diogo says: 30. Juni 201612:01

    Thank you very Much. Just save 1 minute of my time per day 😀

  4. Carrie says: 24. August 201713:45

    Great Tip! Just saw it popping up and automatically thought it was a virus. I googled, and low and behold, your blogged saved the day!

    • admin says: 5. September 201714:50

      i am glad i helped also somebody else to solve that mystery 🙂

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