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With the latest Update of OSX Lion and therefore getting the new Webkit, the external Viewer seems to shrink the output swf.

Even though i do like small applications, i love to be able to read an click what i produce.

So whats up?

FDT creates a wrapper to launch the swf when using the external swf viewer. In this wrapper, the embed tag does not include any informations about width and height of the swf, and that causes the swf to shrink. Thanks to FDT support, it is possible to have a workaround on that, besides using the standalone player or the browser ( i kinda got stuck to the external viewer ).

Basically, what you do is:

  • get the generated code from the wrapper FDT created
  • create a HTML-File
  • copy the generated code and insert the width and height attributes in that code
  • change the Debug-Configurations, on what to open after the compile process ( yes, the new HTML-file )

The bug is filed under : http://bugs.powerflasher.com/jira/browse/FDT-2255
Don’t like reading? http://screencast.com/t/lylw8JVrve

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If this service is really working, it will save a lot of pushing informations through different channels and will make some peoples days.

It only works by invitation currently, but i will give it a try now.



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While trying to set up a simple Example with the StageVideo in FlashPlayer 10.2 i had lots of trouble setting up the Environment. Neither could i use Flash IDE to export correctly for FP10.2 nor could i use FDT to compile a running version.

I relied on the fact, that Flex Hero automatically includes FP10.2 which turned out to be false. Therefore i downloaded the last update and finally had the playerglobal.swc for FlashPlayer 10.2 available.

After having this working, the Example to check the performance was a piece of cake.

package vid
	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import flash.display.Stage;
	import flash.events.StageVideoAvailabilityEvent;
	import flash.events.StageVideoEvent;
	import flash.geom.Rectangle;
	import flash.media.StageVideo;
	import flash.media.StageVideoAvailability;
	import flash.media.Video;
	import flash.net.NetConnection;
	import flash.net.NetStream;
	 * @author patricktresp
	public class StageVideoTest extends Sprite
		private var _nc : NetConnection;
		private var _ns : NetStream;
		private var _stageVideo : StageVideo;
		private var _video : Video;
		public function StageVideoTest()
			var stage : Stage = Main.getInstance().stage;
			stage.addEventListener( StageVideoAvailabilityEvent.STAGE_VIDEO_AVAILABILITY, onStageVideoState );
		private function onStageVideoState( event : StageVideoAvailabilityEvent ) : void
			var available : Boolean = (event.availability == StageVideoAvailability.AVAILABLE);
			_nc = new NetConnection();
			_nc.connect( null );
			_ns = new NetStream( _nc );
			_ns.bufferTime = 0;
			var customClient : Object;
			customClient = new Object;
			customClient.onMetaData = onMetaDataHandler;
			_ns.client = customClient;
			if ( available )
			_ns.play( "video/hd.f4v" );
		private function addRegularVideo() : void
			var stage : Stage = Main.getInstance().stage;
			var video : Video = _video = new Video();
			video.smoothing = true;
			video.attachNetStream( _ns );
			stage.addChildAt( video, 0 );
		private function addStageVideo() : void
			var stage : Stage = Main.getInstance().stage;
			var v : Vector. = stage.stageVideos;
			var sv : StageVideo;
			if ( v.length >= 1 )
				sv = _stageVideo = v[0];
				sv.addEventListener( StageVideoEvent.RENDER_STATE, stageVideoStateChange );
				sv.attachNetStream( _ns );
		private function stageVideoStateChange( event : StageVideoEvent ) : void
		private function resize() : void
			_stageVideo.viewPort = new Rectangle( 0, 0, _stageVideo.videoWidth, _stageVideo.videoHeight );
		private function onMetaDataHandler( meta : Object ) : void
			if ( _video )
				_video.width = meta.width;
				_video.height = meta.height;

Next Step will be the test within an existing application running in Projector.

For Performance Testing i used a very fast Picture-Changing Movie:

No StageVideo:

Yes StageVideo:

Of Course the video.smoothing has a direct effect on the high CPU-usage, without smoothing:

Still more than 30% saved and another step closer to „green programming“.

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Another FFK ( Flash Forum Konferenz ) / beyondtellerrand has passed and left me with new inspirations on how i want to work on and what i want to work on in the future.

Find some interesting Ressources here:




The conference hat obviously more topics than listet before but these are the resources i will need to use in the future.

I am very curious, how molehill will affect the complete Flash importance in the web.

Thanks FFK11!

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Just a try to use WP-Syntax available at the Plugins page…

ActionScript Code Snippet Test

public static function getSquareButton( width : uint, height : uint, color : uint ) : Sprite
	var s : Sprite = new Sprite();
	s.graphics.beginFill( color );
	s.graphics.drawRect( 0, 0, width, height );
	return s;
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