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Transmit (http://panic.com/transmit/) is my weapon of choice when handling FTP Sessions.

Most of the Features I really appreciate is synchronization, so traffic will be minimized to its demand. When Usind repositories ( .git, .svn ) and also IDEs like Webstorm or FDT, a lot of sourcefiles are in the project folder, which just do not belong to a servers directories.

Therefore i believed in the preset rules, but they never applied. Found out, that the preset Rule is set to „all“ and not „each“ possibility of the following opportunities is correct ( german „alle“, und nicht „jede“ der folgenden Möglichkeiten ist richtig ) .

When set to „each“ synchronisation skips those folders and makes workflows even faster.



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Changing from svn to git is not that trivial, especially when you are barely touching the surface on what you are doing.
Translating the Error „check network settings“ can mean that the filesize you want to push is bigger than set in git configuration.

Didn’t expect it to be named like this, but changing the postBuffer in .gitconfig will make life little easier.

Add this 2 Lines in .gitconfig and you’ll have 500 MB Upload filesize limit at push.

postBuffer = 52428800

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